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Attack of the EVIL iron!

Wednesday Aug 02, 2006 12:47:00 PM

I know that this diary entry wasn't written on the 2nd,but that's the day it happend. I was sitting in my cage whitsleing when all of the sudden. A huge surf board appered out of the laundry room! ACK! What were my humans thinking? PUtting a hot thingamajig on innocent clothes? Needless to say,it scared the daylights out of me!!!!! Mom goes "boom-boom you poor little bird are you ok? That iron never scared you before!" Well, mom noticed that we had a fussie bead thing to iron,and forgot the wax paper so seriously there was no reason to even take the iron out:> (She ironed when I was watching TV) -A very petrified-Boomer Bird:>

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Posted By: Boomer 2006/08/05 01:49:22 PM
My family says I have "quite the personality"!-Boomer Bird:>

Posted By: 2006/08/04 10:53:39 PM
Cha, I know what ya mean! Anyway, glad to here your still funny ;)!

Posted By: Boomer 2006/08/04 09:48:31 PM
I'm better but,those clothes better stay nice! For my sake anyway.-Boomer Bird:>

Posted By: 2006/08/04 05:55:28 PM
Oh geez Boomer, you always got the funniest stories! Hope you are now, De-petrified! ;)

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